Transformers movie : Not for most fans

Yes, it’s out there now. People are loving it, probably those who didn’t grow up knowing or loving the original Transformers. In fairness to this adaptation, it would be a great movie for those who didn’t know much about the Transformers of the 80s. An even greater experience for those who don’t mind changes in the original storyline or haven’t heard of the series.

I’m sure most avid fans of the series would’ve expected the movie to be more like the series. But unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.  An example of what I mean is this:

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that THEY DO NOT LOOK ALIKE! This new Optimus Prime in the movie is NOT the Optimus Prime of the original series. Better yet to call this movie by another title. IT IS NOT Transformers. It’s just some big robots movie.I have waited for a long time after a series of “leaked out Transformers: The Movie teasers.” I don’t know why movie adaptations always fail to see the importance of bringing to life the original story. It’s what the people want to see. It looks cool, but for me and other fans, this doesn’t look like Transformers.

Again, I would like to emphasize that this movie doesn’t suck too much, at least to most people who haven’t seen the original Transformers of the 80s. It’s just that the fans expected to see the real Transformers, revamped into 3D glory with most of the original storyline and atmosphere intact — especially the robots.

Just needed to get that off my chest.

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  1. hihihi i have but faint memories of that show….

    that’s too bad, i think i really missed something…

    te mellon !!!!!!


  2. Posted by screamingmango on August 8, 2007 at 05:04

    I watched Transformers when I was a kid. I own a Beastwars Ramnpage toy. I even have the 1986 Transformers movie on VHS. I’m just wondering, why didn’t you enjoy the movie? I did. Immensely. I have no qualms about Bay recreating the characters to keep up with the times. Frankly, I don’t think the old character designs would fit nowadays.

    But then again, that’s just me. And thank you for posting something that I can relate to.


  3. Yes, Indeed Beast wars pose the same situation. Changing the plot and atmosphere of the original. BUT, they did say TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS. It’s a totally different world. The series emphasized this from the very start. The viewers were informed of the change.

    In the Transformers Movie, they posed as “The transformers you grew up with,” but unfortunately came short of pleasing the audiences’ expectation of seeing what they really grew up watching.

    Beast wars has two strong points. First, it had a great storyline. Second, it emphasized that it WASN’T posing as the original transformers.

    They should’ve just changed the title. It’s just utter confusion. That robot in the movie, no matter how spectacular it looks, IS NOT Optimus Prime.


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