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The White Dwarf

During our short, rain-filled break. My wife really wanted to buy some Figaro Magazine, it was raining and I wasn’t really feeling good to take another walk but then I did. To my surprise as she was buying her magazine, I saw White Dwarf back issues bundled into one fat package but being sold in a slim price.

White Dwarf Back issues

2005-2007 issues with campaign sheets from LOTR and Medusa Themes

So yeah, I’ve got to thank my dear wife for that hehe. Also a bit sad, missing the hobby scene like mtg and mageknight for quite a while. It’s really fun painting all those figures and playing them with other hobbyists.


Figurines and Toys are for Kids! If they could afford it!

That’s not really the case. To me, they’re actually for people who can afford to buy and take care of them, so if you’re one of the less fortunate during your childhood, you’d always be the one drooling a la vitrine (window shop — origin of the blog’s title) or your best friends’ toys because he’s got the best and newest toys that you or your parents can’t afford unless it’s your birthday.

Toys or figurines have also changed over the years, making them catered to a collector audience, rather than settling for the pre-adolescence crowd. Some are very fragile and oftentimes contain small parts, a hazard which reinforces my argument that they’re not always for children.

One of the things that made me drool over every time we go to a toy shop were the original Transformers (duh, robots in disguise)


People who live in a cave or hypocrites would say to someone not at the age of 5-14 something are oftentimes told that these “toys” are for kids only. Well, first of all, most of the time, parents will not give expensive stuffs like this unless you’re rich or it’s your birthday or it’s christmas. Grown ups can afford to buy and take care of them, most kids would dismember these “toys” upod receiving them!

Come on, you all knew how it was being a kid, right? Not all of us could’ve afforded everything at that time. These new generation of collectibles are our second time around the childhood wagon. šŸ˜€

More information about these wonderful figurines can be found at Credits for the photos goes to the same website šŸ™‚

After two years…

Finally decided on sticking with wordpress blogs. Haven’t decided on a definite title though and a particular category. I guess at minimum it will stay as a mix of gadgets and toys. Especially missing mtg and the warhammer scene,Ā  and my collectible figures.

The Quest for the Perfect Backpack – Part 5 (Sumdex Alti-Pac PJN-634)

This is a bag I’ve eyed on for months now. At a decent price of Php3,950 (around $70-$80), it’s one classy backpack for your Notebook Computer containing an additional compartment for other gadgets and some files or folders and even made of water-resistant material. <br>

AlthoughĀ IĀ originallyĀ wantedĀ anĀ orange-colored backpack (which was either unavailable or financially unattainable!), the Paprika Red color did it for me since it was the closest to my favorite color (ORANGE!). I bought the bag, my old Jansport is up for sale to make up for the new expense šŸ˜€

Paprika Red


Green Tea

You put your Notebook at the back compartment, snuggly protected by a sleeve inside the backpack

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Other stuff goes on the middle and front compartment.

Features :

  • Fits 15.4″ Screen Notebook Computers.
  • Made of water repellent and durable Dobby Polyester SensaTech ImpactGuard Notebook Protection System at computer cradle bottom.
  • Spacious file compartment with organizer panel and key chain.
  • Internal media pockets with earphone port.
  • Excellent carrying comfort with SensaTech memory foam ergonomic ā€œSā€-shaped shoulder straps and handle.
  • Additional features: Air circulated mesh at back panel, front zipper pocket and water resistant reverse sewing zipper.
  • Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • More info can be found at http://www.sumdex.comThe search is finally over… for now… maybe… šŸ˜€

    The Quest for the Perfect Backpack – part 4 (TUMI Tech Flow Computer Backpack)

    I fell in love with it on first sight. The material, the compartments. It’s just WOW! It comes inĀ twoĀ colors: moss andĀ black.

    It’s another perfect choice for a Notebook Computer Backpack. But for Php16,700 (around $365), it took permanent residence on my wishlist. It’s too darn expensive for a bag. It’s like a month’s salaray.

    MoreĀ infoĀ canĀ beĀ foundĀ atĀ

    OnceĀ again,Ā theĀ searchĀ goesĀ on…

    The Quest for the Perfect Backpack – Part 3 (Crumpler Salary Sacrifice)

    Ok, now this is a very savvy piece of work. It’s got style and colors I love and has lots of pockets. The design is just plain gorgeous. What could go wrong? As the name suggests, it’s the Salary Sacrifice! At Digital Walker (The well-renowned seller of Crumpler bags here in the Philippines), it costs around Php10,800 which is roughly around $236!
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Now unless it can withstand a fire-breathing dragon’s breath and save you from dying in the process, I’m not buying. :p I could buy a PSP, or a Nintendo DS or even a PS2 for this price. Pfffft. More info on

    And so the search still goes on… šŸ˜¦

    The Quest for the Perfect Backpack – Part 2 (Jansport Black Laptop Bag)

    This was a profound solution to my storage requirement problem. It’s cheap too! It only costs half the price of the fist Samsonite bag I bought (around $45 or Php1,500).

    Now this could carry more stuff, even clothes! But then, the drawback was that it’s too bulky. Sometimes, I just want to bring my Notebook and small items and I’d still have to take this big heap of a bag with me.

    Slowly, the bag became the baggage. I looked like an amazing race contestant lol. Indeed this bag was more of a hiker’s bag than a tech savvy guy’s bag. :))