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Kirk Hammett’s KH-2 Vintage

Metallica is one of the most successful Metal bands of the 80s alongside Megadeth, Pantera, Sepultura and the like. An ingredient to a good metal band is a good guitarist. Hammett has proven to be one, though not as technical, he can make harmonic riffs and solos without the need of being overly fast. Being fast isn’t 
always good, it gets boring at some point.

Metallica, during their teenage early years.
Then and Now (Kirk Lee Hammet)ESP KH-2 Vintage

I like the simplicity of the design and the inverted headstock. The skull and bones add to the guitar’s aesthetics.

Unless you can afford $4000, you can settle for the low end version of this guitar which is somewhere around $600.


Anchang Star 01 and Flatbacker

In case you didn’t know, Anchang is the lead singer and guitarist of the Japanese Speed Metal band, Sex Machineguns. He plays fast and sings loud. He sounds a bit like axl rose, but in a more metal tone. And like the big guys, he uses ESP (and thus gets sposored by them), one of the most expensive and exceptional guitar makers in the world, commonly catering to customizing guitars and basses. Here are two of his personal favorites:

Anchang Star 01

The custom gory design appeals to metal fans, It could be a bit more heavy than a normal electric though.

Anchang Flatbacker

Simple and BLACK — the color of metal music.

more info can be found at espguitars Japan


Simple but effective in black. This is better than his other custom guitars with pinstripes. This looks more refined and projects character.

Alexi Laiho’s LTD (600-SE)

It’s a new release from ESP guitars! The 600-SE! wooot! This is by far, the coolest of Alexi’s guitars (next to the similar-styled model with a black finish and no pinstripes). Purple and Black… yum 😀


This guitar is so cool! Though it probably weighs more than a normal guitar should and would be a burden to play because of it’s size and irregular shaped neck.

It stays true to its name – It’s got a real samurai!

This nifty guitar has an elegant hardcase too!

Of course, the strap goes along with the samurai theme.

More info can be found at

Oh, did I forget to mention that it’s not for sale? Even if it was, it would cost half your body and a pinky finger.

Kei’s custom ESP™ guitar

Kei is the guitarist of the band visual-kei band Kannivalism. I have not yet heard him play yet, but he’s on of those with a cool-shaped guitar.

More info can be found at

Hitsugi’s custom ESP™

Another unknown Japanese guitarist to me with a cool guitar is Hitsugi, though I think he and Sakito are in the same band.

BODY: Ash Top & Mahogany Back
NECK: Maple / Ebony, 24Frets
SCALE: 25 1/2″
JOINT: Neck-thru-body
NECK P.U: Seymour Duncan SH-1n
BRIDGE P.U: Seymour Duncan TB-4
BRIDGE: Original Floyd Rose
CONTROL: 1Volume , 1 Tone(with Coil Split Switch) , PU Select Switch

More info can be found at