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M-DY2URDR is also available in assorted yummy colors

This is a smaller version of ELECOM’S ELECOM M-D7UR with the same assortment of colors. It’s costs less too but offers the same features. Great for laptops!

It still incorporates the wireless technology and compact storage of the usb link device.



the ELECOM M-D7UR is available in different colors for almost everyone out there.

After using the device, you can store its wirless usb receiver and store it inside the mouse itself

Another great wireless mouse and in different yummy colors! It connects via usb flash drive-like device which communicates with the mouse wirelessly. This means more mobility just like the Logitech MX Revolution, but with more style using Japanese technology manufactured by ELECOM. I want one! It’s orange tooo!

Logitech® MX™ Revolution

A sinister color and design coupled with scroll wheels that do more than scrolling plus wireless connectivity.

Another great mouse from Logitech with a masculine theme and cordless freedom.

It has a rechargable lithium-ion battery, so you don’t have to worry about the minimal cost and hassle of changing batteries from time to time.

The scroll modes adjusts automatically, depending on certain applications you’re running.

 Price:  $99.99

Logitech® G5 Laser Mouse – Battlefield 2142™ Special Edition

This is one badass mouse with great design and ergonomics

It may seem like another one of your average mice, but besides the awesome design and ergonomics, this one goes to the gym! Aside from being able to enhance precision, you can also adjust the mouse’s weight itself! For the serious gamer and photoshop freak in you.

add weights for better control and feel of the G5

Price: $79