Cool gear for your gadgets – Backpacks, Part 1 (Samsonite Saho Backpack Expand Graphite Laptop Case)

This is the story of my adventure (well, sort of) in sating my eternal search for the perfect backpack for my gadgets and gear. It was the year 2005 when I finally purchased a Notebook Computer of my own. It’s a decent HP Compaq nx6120 (1.3GHz Celeron Processor, 768MB RAM, 40GB HDD, WIFI-ready)

Yes, notebook computers, not Laptops anymore, since you don’t really use your lap when operating it. Some of you would contest it as a tabletops or even desktops, since you commonly use tables for it as you would a desktop. Mobile computers, Notebook or Notebook computers. Those are the new terms. This is not because of Apple saying they don’t sell laptops, but Notebook Computers,” it’s because the term “Notebook computers” IS more appropriate because of the design, which resembles a notebook/book and the fact that is a computer too.

Moving on, as you all may well know, a purchased Notebook Computer includes a carrying case of some sort which highly depends on what brand. Usually the big names comes with a Targus-made shoulder bag with the brand of the Notebook. Surprisingly, some don’t come with ANY bag! Unforgivable! How are you suppose to carry around your new Notebook!?

I’ve lugged the big Targus-HP Bag for a while, savoring the feeling of computing mobility, free WIFI and expensive coffee too. After a while, I’ve felt it was really heavy and strenuous to carry around using the Targus shoulder bag, so I decided to buy a backpack for my notebook computer.

The first bag i bought was a Samsonite. Pure black, with lots of padding. I liked it very much. I first saw this at a gasoline station. Some dude had his mac inside it. It looked very stylish and at the same time gave good protection for your notebook computer from those bumps and drops, especially on a busy street. I got it for around Php3500 ($70).

I was content during the first few months of using this bag. But there were times i needed to bring other stuffs like my DVD Burner and my external HDD. No doubt it would fit, but I’d have to cram everything forcefully that the bag bulged that you could barely close it. I needed something bigger.

And¬†so the search went on… ūüėÄ


Transformers movie : Not for most fans

Yes, it’s out there now. People are loving it, probably those who didn’t grow up knowing or loving the original Transformers. In fairness to this adaptation, it would be a great movie for those who didn’t know much about the Transformers of the 80s. An even greater experience for those who don’t mind changes in the original storyline or haven’t heard of the series.

I’m sure most avid fans of the series would’ve expected the movie to be more like the series. But unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. ¬†An example of what I mean is this:

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that THEY DO NOT LOOK ALIKE! This new Optimus Prime in the movie is NOT the Optimus Prime of the original series. Better yet to call this movie by another title. IT¬†IS NOT Transformers. It’s just some big robots movie.I have waited for a long time after a series of “leaked out Transformers: The Movie teasers.” I don’t know why movie adaptations always fail to see the importance of¬†bringing¬†to¬†life¬†the¬†original¬†story.¬†It’s¬†what¬†the¬†people¬†want¬†to¬†see. It looks cool, but for me and other fans, this doesn’t look like Transformers.

Again, I would like to emphasize that this movie doesn’t suck too much,¬†at¬†least to most people who haven’t seen the original Transformers of the 80s. It’s just that¬†the fans expected to see the real Transformers, revamped into 3D glory with most of the original storyline and atmosphere intact — especially the robots.

Just needed to get that off my chest.

Elric of Melnibone

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It’s finally here! An omnibus of Michael Moorcock’s elric saga! I’ve found a few volumes on thrift shops and then no more. Here is volume 8! woohooo!!!

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This is the first book of Moorcock I bought on a thrift shop. It was gold to me! I got it for cheap (around 9 php). You’d be amazed at what good books you’ll find on these thrift shops selling used and new books.

The Elric saga has a very dark atmosphere set in a world of swords and magic. A must have for any fantasy reader! It’s quite short compared to epic storylines such as that of Lord of the Rings or The Wheel of Time, but still, you’re in for a good ride on this one. I should’ve taken it yesterday.

Kirk Hammett’s KH-2 Vintage

Metallica is one of the most successful Metal bands of the 80s alongside Megadeth, Pantera, Sepultura and the like. An ingredient to a good metal band is a good guitarist. Hammett has proven to be one, though not as technical, he can make¬†harmonic¬†riffs¬†and¬†solos¬†without¬†the¬†need¬†of¬†being¬†overly¬†fast.¬†Being¬†fast¬†isn’t¬†
always good, it gets boring at some point.

Metallica, during their teenage early years.
Then and Now (Kirk Lee Hammet)ESP KH-2 Vintage

I like the simplicity of the design and the inverted headstock. The skull and bones add to the guitar’s aesthetics.

Unless you can afford $4000, you can settle for the low end version of this guitar which is somewhere around $600.

Anchang Star 01 and Flatbacker

In case you didn’t know, Anchang is the lead singer and guitarist of the Japanese Speed Metal band, Sex Machineguns. He plays fast and sings loud. He sounds a bit like axl rose, but in a more metal tone. And like the big guys, he uses ESP (and thus gets sposored by them), one of the most expensive and exceptional guitar makers in the world, commonly catering to customizing guitars and basses. Here are two of his personal favorites:

Anchang Star 01

The custom gory design appeals to metal fans, It could be a bit more heavy than a normal electric though.

Anchang Flatbacker

Simple and BLACK — the color of metal music.

more info can be found at espguitars Japan


Simple but effective in black. This is better than his other custom guitars with pinstripes. This looks more refined and projects character.

Alexi Laiho’s LTD (600-SE)